Rabu, 18 September 2013

United Nation Story On 19 September 2013

MOSCOW — Russia sharply criticized the new United Nations report on Syria's chemical arms use on Wednesday as biased and incomplete, hardening the Kremlin's defense of the Syrian government even while pressing ahead with a plan to disarm its ...
The president of Sudan, wanted for years by the International Criminal Court on charges of genocide and other crimes in the Darfur conflict, set off a growing storm of anger on Wednesday with his plan to attend the United Nations General Assembly, ...
Details buried in the United Nations report on the Syrian chemical weapons attack point directly at elite military formations loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, some of the strongest findings to date that suggest the government gassed its own people.
Diplomats from five nations will continue talks on Wednesday in New York on a Western-drafted U.N. Security Council resolution to take over, with Syrian cooperation, and then destroy Syrian chemical weapons. But Russia rejects Western assertions that ...

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