Selasa, 7 Jun 2011

Israel Membakar Masjid Palestin

Israelis set afire Palestinian mosque

Israeli extremists have vandalized a Palestinian mosque in the occupied West Bank. (file photo)
Israeli extremists have vandalized a mosque in the occupied West Bank, daubing its walls with Hebrew graffiti, officials say.

The Palestinian mayor of al-Mughayer village said a tire was burning inside the village mosque, indicating an apparent attempt to set the entire building ablaze, the Associated Press reported.

Faraj al-Nassan said the villagers discovered the fire when they went to the mosque for morning prayers on Tuesday.

Israeli settlers and policemen have repeatedly attacked mosques in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Israeli military bulldozers demolished a mosque and some structures in the Khirbet Yarza area of West Bank last November.

Israel has occupied some 60 percent of the Palestinian territory, where it has been illegally and persistently expanding what it refers to as Jewish settlements.

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